Monday became an important milestone in the history of the Port of Gothenburg as the ground was broken for the Skandia Gateway project. The quay reinforcement and fairway deepening project, which has been on the port’s planning table for over ten years, means that the port further strengthens the possibilities to serve Swedish export and import industries.

The work had already unofficially started with excavation and diving works when representatives from the port, the shipping world, the cargo owner side, and politics had gathered at the far end of the quay in Skandiahamnen – the Port of Gothenburg container terminal. They had gathered to celebrate the start of the long-planned project where many important values are at stake in its implementation.

“When this project is completed by the turn of the year 2027-2028, Swedish industry will have better transport conditions and be better connected to the rest of the world. This in itself means that Sweden’s competitiveness increases, which is the driving force at the Port of Gothenburg,” said Göran Eriksson, CEO at the Gothenburg Port Authority during the ceremony.

This happened as initial ground works as well as regular terminal operations were going on full swing all around.

Swedish Infrastructure and Housing Minister Andreas Carlson was among the stakeholders present, and he chose to emphasize the importance of the Skandia Gateway project, considering “Sweden Inc’s” conditions to continue developing the country’s prosperity:

“This is crucial not least because Sweden is such an export-dependent industrial country. Shipping and ports have key positions to ensure that growth can continue, that more jobs can be created, and that it can happen in a climate-sustainable way that enables us to reach our ambitious climate goals.”

Fact file: Skandia Gateway Project – fairway feepening in the Port of Gothenburg

Planned deepening: From 13.5 up to a maximum of 17.5 meters of ship draft.
Designating vessel: Length 430 m, width 65 m, and a draft of 17.5 m.

Budget: SEK 2.8 billion (2017 cost level), of which the Gothenburg Port Authority (Gothenburg Municipality) contributes SEK 1.25 billion. The Gothenburg Port Authority has previously also received EU support for parts of the planning through the Connecting Europe Facilities fund.

Dredging requirement: Approximately 11 million cubic meters.
Timeline: Commencement of quay reinforcement: Feb-March 2024. Fairway dredging work: Q3 2026.
Completion: Q4 2027/Q1 2028.

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